How To Choose An In-Vehicle Tracking System: Transportation Management Solutions That Improve Logistics

Transportation management solutions provide shipping companies with the power to monitor their fleet, order supplies, and streamline the logistics process. For companies who ship or transport goods and want to improve supply chain efficiency and save money, choosing the right transportation management solution should be high on the priority list. Trucking administration software solutions give your company an upper hand over other shipment solutions systems available in the current market. Keep reading about transportation management solutions that could help you improve the logistics of your business.

Inventory Control

Inventory control and asset tracking software from in-vehicle tracking systems helps businesses across all industries monitor materials, equipment, and assets in real-time.

Integrated with your transportation management system, inventory control software can track inventory throughout your supply chain, from the warehouse to the moment it reaches its destination. This helps you avoid out-of-stock situations and overstocking, which can result in wasted resources and lost sales.

From improving customer service to saving money on unnecessary inventory and theft prevention, an in-vehicle tracking system that integrates with an inventory control software solution offers many benefits for your business.

Vehicle Maintenance

Transportation management solutions can help with vehicle maintenance by creating alerts when regular service is due or when parts need replacement. This will keep your trucks in top shape but also help prevent unexpected downtime caused by breakdowns. It can also provide other information like fuel efficiency data, which could indicate when repairs or maintenance are needed. 

Routing and GPS Tracking

Some transportation management solutions offer routing and GPS tracking, which can help you better manage your fleet.

Routing takes into account variables like traffic congestion and weather, as well as real-time customer updates, to optimize your drivers' routes and ensure on-time deliveries.

If your business requires real-time GPS tracking of your vehicles, you might want to consider a transportation management solution that offers this feature.

GPS vehicle tracking — sometimes referred to as telematics — enables dispatchers and management to see where their vehicles are located, which can help them determine the best route to take in order to deliver goods on time. This feature can also be useful for businesses that need to track employees' hours or mileage.

Driver Management

In addition to being able to track the location of vehicles, a quality transportation management solution can also monitor driver behavior and habits. This includes:

  • Total mileage traveled
  • Distance between stops
  • Time spent idling
  • The speed at which vehicle is traveling (does it exceed the speed limit?)
  • Time taken for each specific trip

Automated reports can be generated based on this information, and driver reports can be set up to automatically trigger alerts when certain thresholds are crossed. For example, if a driver has exceeded the speed limit by more than 10 mph, an alert can be sent to fleet managers so that they can investigate and take appropriate action.

Transportation management solutions give your company an upper hand over other shipment solutions systems available in the current market.