The Use Of A Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Gummed shipping tape seals corrugated cartons, paper mailers, and other shipping products. The thin consistency of the tape can be used to create seals that do not contain wrinkles. A manual gummed tape dispenser is a product that will improve efficiency and prevent messy work areas. 

The Principle Behind Gummed Tape

Gummed tape contains an adhesive that needs to be moistened. When water comes into contact with the adhesive, the gumminess of the adhesive is engaged. The adhesive will work like any other type of glue product that is used to adhere paper tape sections to another material. Gummed tape rolls are often sold separately. A roll of gummed tape will be wound around a spool.

A product that does not contain a dispenser will require an end user to apply the water themselves. The use of scissors will also be needed. An individual will need to measure, mark, and cut the amount of gummed tape that they will need to seal a carton or mailer. They will then need to brush or spray water onto the gummed surface.

Although performing all of these steps can be conducted quite easily, it can be an inconvenience to deal with water spilling or spraying onto surfaces where packing duties are taking place. The use of a tape dispenser eliminates the need for a brush or spray bottle. Scissors will also not be needed when using a gummed tape roll that is contained within a dispenser.

The Use Of A Dispenser

A gummed tape dispenser will contain a slot that will secure a single roll of tape. A spindle will turn as the tape is pulled through a dispenser. A dispenser will contain a reservoir that is intended to hold the water that will be used to moisten each tape section. The friction that is applied to the tape as it is pulled across a roller will release the water onto the tape. An equal amount of water will be applied to each tape section.

Because a roll of tape will be evenly dispensed. There will be no need to use scissors once the tape is released from the dispenser. A cutting blade will be secured to the end of the dispenser where the tape is released from. This blade will cut through the paper once it has been moistened. An end user should use warm or hot water when filling the water reservoir. The warmth from the water will efficiently activate the adhesive.

Contact a local shipping equipment supplier to learn more about manual gummed tape dispensers.