Offshore Marine Logistics | An Introduction

Offshore marine logistics is the process of transporting goods and materials by sea. It is a critical component of international trade, supply chain management, and the global economy. Marine logistics can be used to transport everything from raw materials to finished goods. How Does Offshore Marine Logistics Work? Offshore marine logistics typically involves three parties: the shipper, the carrier, and the consignee. The shipper is the party who owns the goods being transported. [Read More]

What Risks Do Goods Face When Exported?

Goods being exported and imported face a number of risks as they're shipped to their destination countries. The packaging used to contain the goods has to be protective as well, and it has to keep the goods in decent shape in the face of everything from weather to bad handling. While those shipping containers look nice and sturdy as they're stacked so neatly on a freighter, they aren't the only packaging those goods need to make it to their destinations intact. [Read More]

The Use Of A Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Gummed shipping tape seals corrugated cartons, paper mailers, and other shipping products. The thin consistency of the tape can be used to create seals that do not contain wrinkles. A manual gummed tape dispenser is a product that will improve efficiency and prevent messy work areas.  The Principle Behind Gummed Tape Gummed tape contains an adhesive that needs to be moistened. When water comes into contact with the adhesive, the gumminess of the adhesive is engaged. [Read More]

4 Reasons To Use Cargo Impact Indicators On Your Shipments

Do you run a business that ships items that are fragile and cannot be treated roughly during the shipping process? If so, you may have heard about impact indicators that can be put on shipping boxes and identify if an item was treated too roughly by the shipping company. Here are a few reasons that it is worth using an impact indicator.  They Are Easy To Use One of the nice things about cargo impact indicators is that they are incredibly easy to use. [Read More]