Choosing 55 Gallon Drum Liners: What You Need To Know

Modern packaging solutions are increasingly becoming versatile to provide users with reliable storage services. Many companies have realized liners can be valuable for drums, but choosing the right ones depends on several factors. These may include how you'll access the container materials, temperature, capacity, and the type of stored materials.  This post outlines some essential elements you'll need to consider to help you pick the right drum liners, including:

Size of the Container and Construction Materials

Typically, drums come in different sizes, and the construction materials include fiber, plastic, and steel. For a proper fitting liner, it's important to measure your drum's diameter and height. 

The Stored Material Type

When choosing drum liners, you want to consider what you intend to store. Do the liners have barrier material requirements or are designed for a particular material? Here are a few examples of available materials and their uses:

High Barrier Foil

Manufacturers use polyethylene-foil-polyester lamination to construct the bottom of this liner. Polypropylene-aluminum foil-polyethylene is used to build the sides. For reliable water vapor and oxygen barriers, this liner does a great job.

Conductive Liners

These liners utilize conductive plastic. They absorb electrical charges for safe transmission to the ground.

Anti-Stat Liners

Anti-stat liners have an internal agent that reduces static accumulation. This reduces the likelihood of flammable material ignition and static build-up from dry chemicals.

Low-Density Polyethylene Liners (LDPE)

These liners are for general use. They are excellent for flex cracking, tear resistance, and elongation and have great tensile strength.

High-Density Polyethylene Liners (HDPE)

The high-density polyethylene liners are durable and rigid. They are not only resistant to solvents but are also strong for many applications.


Purchasing durable drum liners ensures they can serve you for the long term without issues. There are several options you can consider depending on your needs. To design liners with round bottom and flat seams, manufacturers use reliable heat seal technology. This technology allows manufacturers to seal specialty films and polythene products such as:

  • General-use, low-density polythene
  • High-temperature requirements polythene
  • Chemical resistant, co-extruded, and nylon films
  • Volatile material anti-static films and conductive laminates
  • Moisture protection foil laminates and metalized polyester

55-Gallon Drum Plastic Liners

55-gallon drum plastic liners are preferable for many reasons, including:

  • They are robust for long-term use
  • They are great quality and save for the environment
  • They are frustration-free


Modern storage solutions are advancing to give the best user experience. To solve your storage needs, consider some of the factors when purchasing 55-gallon drum liners.