How Pallet Pooling Works

Shipments that rely upon the use of security straps or plastic wrap may lead you toward investing in wooden pallets. Pallets act as a stabilizer that will allow the stacking of goods that are being shipped together. If you would like to regulate the costs and maintenance associated with using wooden pallets to ship orders, consider using a pallet pooling service.

A Constant Supply Of Damage-Free Pallets

Wood is used to construct the majority of pallets that are used during the shipment of goods. Wooden pieces that comprise the top, sides, and bottom of a pallet can become damaged or loose while items are actively being transported. This can make it necessary for multiple pallet purchases or can hinder one's ability to ship products out in a safe and consistent manner.

With the use of a pallet pooling program, a client will steadily be supplied with the number of pallets that are necessary for mass shipments. Pallets are dropped off at the point of origin, according to a client's written agreement.

No Loss Or Transport Issues

Wooden pallets that are purchased by a business owner may be tossed aside once they meet their destination. Because of the cost associated with shipping pallets back, a customer may not be agreeable to returning pallets that are received with a shipment.

A pallet pooling program will offer flexibility with the return process. A person who is on the receiving end can either agree to allow the pallet distributor to pick up pallets at a predetermined time or can contact the distributor after several shipments have been received and pallets have accumulated. Pallets that were dropped off at the point of origin will also be picked up through the supplier if a client no longer has a need for them or has decided to let their pooling service plan expire.

Reduced Upfront Costs

Utilizing a pooling program costs less than investing in a line of wooden pallets. Because wooden materials can become infested with termites or another pest variety, the sterilization of pallets may be necessary. This process can be timely and costly. A pooling company will handle all costs associated with cleaning, drying, and repairing pallets.

This offers an end-user a cheaper alternative to the purchase of wooden pallets and storage equipment. Pallet racks and storage carts can take up a lot of room and reduce the amount of space that employees have while preparing goods for shipment. Without the addition of these items, shipping operations can be conducted as normal. Reach out to a professional to discuss wood pallets